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Swedish Grace

Swedish Grace is one of my favorite tablewear designs. It is so discreet, subtle yet it stands its grounds year after year. Designers are Swedish

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Cuppow for Mason Jars.

Turn a canning jar into a travel mug. How cool is that! How sustainable and eco-friendly is that! How fashionable is that considering that mason

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Smitten Kitchen.

Smitten Kitchen. Need I say any more? If you like food blogs and you log on to, then that’s it. You’re hooked. Deb, the

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My friend Charlotte just came back from a visit to the Big Apple. Yup. You know it. The New. The York. The City. The city

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If any of you have read my Story Cooking stories you know by now what I think of ketchup. All the “regular” ones anyway –

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Chai Yen.

It is time to give a shout out for a delicious Thai beverage. No, it’s not beer. It’s Thai ice tea with milk (Chai Yen in Thai). You find mobile beverage trolleys almost everywhere in Bangkok

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