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Swedish Grace

Swedish Grace1

Swedish Grace is one of my favorite tablewear designs. It is so discreet, subtle yet it stands its grounds year after year. Designers are Swedish Louise Adelborg and Pia Törnell for Rörstrand. Check it out here

Not long ago I told my parents that I am collecting the Swedish Grace. They went blank. And looked at eachother with that … look. And told me that we used to have a LOT of Swedish Grace in the 60-ies. But they threw it away. Got tired of it.

G.o.t. t.i.r.e.d. o.f. i.t.! I’m just saying. Well, I say no more really.


Love the all white. When you arrange the food on these plates its colors comes to life in a very special way since the tablewear does not overcrowd the lovely colors of the ingredients. This is truly art.


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