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Hario Coffee Dripper and stuff to go with it.


I found a beautiful coffee dripper that is designed from an older version of a Japanese coffee dripper. And I really don’t know if it is any better than anything else. I guess it is somewhat similar when it comes to the result: good coffee.

But it is beautiful to look at. And by now you ought to know that eye candy gets me going.

So without further ado; let me introduce you to the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper. It comes in clear plastic and ceramic. I love the way the lines on the sides curve, sloping down toward the hole in the middle where the coffee slowly drips into your cup.

That is actually what caught my eye when I found the dripper in my friends cupboard.

I was looking for something else, and just happened to lay my eyes upon a funny looking coffee dripper with beautiful curved lines along the walls and a hole in the middle. Looked kind of weird I thought when I first saw it. I grabbed it, polished it a bit and admired it.

Then I asked my friend what it was. He didn’t know.

He said he bought it because he needed a coffee dripper, didn’t really look at it until he came home and then he realised that there was a rather big hole in the bottom. He didn’t know what to do with it so he just put it in his top cupboard and forgot about it. Until I found it.

So, curious as I am, I started googling. And found out that it was the Hario V60 coffee dripper. So off I went at the streets of Manhattan to find that special filter for it.

At Williams-Sonoma I finally tracked it down and brought it home. Then started the Youtubing on how to use it. Check this out:

How to Make Japanese Iced Coffee from Counter Culture Coffee on Vimeo.

In the video you can also see the other utensils needed to make the Hario an experience of all times like the Hario Buono Kettle and the Hario Glass Server.

That will be another trip to Williams-Sonoma another day. But, if you by any chance want to know more, you can: Here

And, yes, this video is about making ice brewed coffee. Why? Because I like iced coffee more than hot coffee, that’s why. If you haven’t already, try it – chances are you’ll like it.