Accessories Designmekka

Baggu Pouches and bags in leather.

Remember the love affair I have with Baggu? My love is deepening! Check out my Baggu Pouches. Yup. Gold and Yellow, that’s me. (In pic 7, my two companions Yellow and gold are on a little trip of adventure. They are traveling with my Ceannis summer purse and Incase holder for my Mac – it is important to have friends with you on important trips!)

The leather Pouches are designed really smart. First they make a bag, like a Baggu bag bag but in leather. Then they use the upper-left-over-part to make a Pouch

It doesn’t end there folks. They continue with making straps out of strappy-like leather parts that are left-overs from the leather Baggu bags.

Oh, no, it doesn’t end there either. Then they make small coin purses from other parts that are left-overs.

It makes you wonder if there are any more left-over-parts to make even more products. I guess it is a “to be continued” story.

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to that.

And almost best of all it is a $5 Flat Rate Shipping, Every Day from BAGGU
click above promotional link and get the $5 flat rate shipping within the U.S. For international shipping it is slightly more. Ask customer service when you order. By the way, Baggu’s Customer Service could teach outstanding service to sooo many other companies. They rock!

NB. Did I tell you? I went to a wedding last week with my Platinum Pouch M as a clutch and I used the Platinum S to hold my lipstick, money and ticketitack. I loved it. And I got so many compliments on it. I am so happy for my Platinum ensamble. Thank you Baggu!