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Ginger Syrup from Morris Kitchen.


I am passionate about anything kitchen. As long as I can remember I have always come home from any of my trips with something for the kitchen. Be it something edible, drinkable, kitchen utensils or kitchen adornment. What can I say? I am a kitchenish nerd. I love to bake and cook too. And preferably something I’ve never done before, from a country far away from mine. So it is. I have long ago given up the idea of trying to blend in. I walk into any restaurant and just by reading the menu I change their menu with what I order. A little something from that dish, combined with that thing from that dish and sprinkle that with that if you have it in your kitchen. Ask your chef. Pretty please.

May I say not everyone is too happy about my way. Neither am I sometimes, but I just can’t help myself.

So; Big Happiness when I came across the Morris Kitchen’s Ginger Syrup!

I love ginger. I remember the time I was chasing around Beijing trying to find fresh ginger. The problem was I didn’t speak Chinese. The Chinese I met didn’t speak English and it was totally hopeless trying to explain with sign language that I was looking for ginger. To make a long story short, I found some powdered ginger in a 7-elevenish store with a picture of fresh ginger on the package. I brought that with me, showed it to people pointing at the pic and was directed to a place where I could finally lay my hands on my precious fresh ginger. Happiness.

When I don’t have a Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup on hand, I grate, chop, mince fresh ginger. Ginger is something I use in a lot of dishes. My morning smoothies for instance.

But that’s another story.

Have a look at the bottles. Beautiful!