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My friend Charlotte just came back from a visit to the Big Apple. Yup. You know it. The New. The York. The City. The city of cities.
And she brought with her a very NYC:ish cup don’t you think?

You may say what you want about Starbucks. But is is a phenomenon that is alive and kickin’. And spreading all over the world. But I have to say that I think the best Starbucks’ you usually find in the U.S. Not in Europe. Not in Asia. But back home.

I love the Starbucks ice cream. There is something to be said about coffee flavored ice cream (but then again I love Frappuccino too).

It is, in a way,  a nice idea that at your local Starbucks you can find something that suits your palate. I stumbled across Salty Latte at Starbucks in Kyoto, Japan. Loved it. Naturally I didn’t find it in Europe. Or the US. Until a visit to Chicago. Eureka! Salty Caramel Mocha (oh, well, for those of you that know me – you know that I have a tendency to change the menu a bit, just a tiny bit and I got my Salty Caramel Latte *happy*).

And you know what? They must have a mean graphic design department because when they do something, it always looks good.

Look at the design of the packaging, subtle and less-is-more. Like!

…and here’s a Starbucks card made especially for Newyorkers


maybe a trip to NYC would be in order…almost only to get your hand on a NYC Starbucks Coffee Card…almost (as if there aren’t many other reasons to go there…) and while I’m at it; need some New York Inspiration? Not to worry, it’s all at www.newyorkinspiration.