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Story Cooking
cookie stamp

Home Made Cookie Stamper.

Once upon a time I worked at an airline where we every Christmas gave a small gift to all travel agencies that we worked with. And while you really want every employee at the travel agency to get a gift it was financially impossible to buy a ...


Cold-brew coffee.

If you don't want to brew your own cold coffee, either by keeping it in your fridge over night, neither by that gorgeous Hario dripper - Kickstand hand-bottled cold-brew coffee is for you. And for me. In 2010, the Kickstand guys hit the ...


Smoothies slightly spicy style.

It all started with Jane Fonda years ago. Y e a r s  a g o. I think I read a recipe on smoothies from her book and from there on smoothies have been a staple in my life. I started out doing it from a recipe. Nowadays I just do it with whatever ...


Café du Monde, New Orleans.

This is most probably not the healthiest breakfast I've had. But it is definitely the tastiest!   After a run early one morning at the waterfront near the French Quarters in New Orleans, I stumbled on to Café du Monde ...

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