Story Cooking

Café du Monde, New Orleans.

This is most probably not the healthiest breakfast I’ve had. But it is definitely the tastiest!


After a run early one morning at the waterfront near the French Quarters in New Orleans, I stumbled on to Café du Monde (open around the clock!) and I just couldn’t resist a taste. And then I was hooked. I kept doing my morning runs at 6 a.m., had a (healthy) breakfast at 6.46 a.m. before work. And aaahhh how wonderful it was. I didn’t even get a stomach ache. It must have been the orange juice!

A quiet day at the Cafe du Monde. When I was there early in the morning, it was not as crowded. Lucky for me since I got there in my sweaty jogging attire. Nah, I had to take my coffee, “sandwich” and juice here

Café du Monde
800 Decatur Street
New Orleans