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Mac Lip Conditioner.

So. I live up north. And so. It is cold here. And so, I use Mac Lip Conditioner. A lot. It is sort of the thing I repeatedly have to buy, because I am always out of it. I really like this lip conditioner. It is smooth. Just enough shiny. Not too much. Not too little. Enough [lagom in Swedish – ask any Swede about Lagom and they will all agree that Lagom is really good – we are the nation of Lagom]. And it conditions really well. So, here I am. Out of lip conditioner and I go to the local [the only] Mac store in town. And buy a new one. When I come home I open the package. …and the cream inside is sort of …yellow. As far as I know it has always been white before. I try it on [uuuuuu, I shouldn’t do that because then I cannot even complain about it. If you open it. You keep it.) and I feel som kind of tingle on my lips. This cannot be OK, I thought. Went back to the store – and basically was told that this is how it is, take it or leave it. Well, she didn’t say take it or leave it, I am exaggerating. But my point is, m.y. p.o.i.n.t. i.s. that I am a customer, at the very least she could’ve pretended I was right and given me a new one or at least sympathized with me. It would’ve at the very least made me feel that the Mac people are genuinely great.

Now, it ain’t so. But Macs products are OK. The packaging is kind’a’nicely designed. Some of the products are really good. Like a new, fresh lip conditioner. Otherwise I am a Chanel girl. Because, simply Chanel products rule. Not snobbish staff at the Chanel store on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles though. But that’s another story.