Designmekka Interior decorations

Look at those legs!

Since I am looking high and low for a sofa table I naturally notice…sofa tables. It’s like when you just bought a new car. Suddenly there are so many cars just like yours around. What’s up with that? Not that I’ve bought a new car recently [try; ever!] and not that I am in the process of doing it [I wish upon a star]. Or when you are pregnant, suddenly there are so many pregnant women out there. You get the drift, eh? However, sofa tables, back to sofa tables. I’d like to have a new one. I have an old one that I’ve painted several times. Last time I let them spray paint it so it would have a nice surface. And. Do you know what I did then? I put the table nicely on my balcony. It looked lovely out there. Cosy. And it stood there. Day and night. All summer. Although some days [and nights] it was raining cats and dogs. But I figured since there is a roof over it [the balcony] the wetness wouldn’t reach it. Hah. Guess what!? Now I have a bubbly surface of my old, newly spray painted sofa table. So, it is time for it to R.I.P. (a little just like my vacuum cleaner I guess) and make room for a new talent in town.

I like details. You might now that by now. And that is why I noticed this one.

Yes it looks like just a table. But check out the legs. Oh, those legs. No, not the bottom part. The upper part. See how it is curved beautifully

The table was designed by Tony Almén and Peter Gest. Produced by Karl Andersson och Söner. And you can find it at Möbelvärlden.

Photo: Möbelvärlden