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Ikea everywhere.

Ikea is one of the worlds most spread Swedish companies I believe. It started years and years ago with one mans notion that all households should be able to have easy access to furnish their homes. Said and done. Furniture were produced and sold….in flat packages. Easier to carry that way. And assemble the furniture you’d to do yourself. It was a way to enable the low prices that in turn would enable all households easy access to furnish their homes. Years and years went by. And then came Bemz. If you have a piece of furniture that you’d like to change your cover on you just go to Voilà! Fabrics in many colors and textiles. The latest thing is Bemz’s collaboration with designers. Love it. I simply looove that. Designer’s Guild is the new ‘kid on the block’ at Bemz. Sometimes the prices of Bemz’s covers are more expensive than the actual furniture it is supposed to cover, oh well. But boy, does Bemz make the Ikea furniture look nice! Thank you Ikea! Thank you Bemz!

Sagrada Blossom by Designers Guild. Photo: Bemz.

Sagrada Aqua by Designers Guild. Photo: Bemz.