Designmekka Interior decorations

Sitting comfortably.

It is about time I get myself a good solid office chair. You know the one that you can change the seat, the arm rests, the back support, the height on – you name it. The changeable office chair. ….that is designed well. With a nice color.

How about this one?

minus the kiddo of course. Apparently this ON chair by Wilkhahn is really flexible and supportive at the same time sort of. If there is such a thing. I actually like the green color. I am thinking of maybe buying an all green rug, since my all time favorite one – The Macaron rug from Bankok – I simply cannot afford at this time. It is a pity, but what to do? Anyhow, the all green rug defenitely has to go well together with the chair. Otherwise it is a no no (it just might be a no no anyway since my dog really like our current one).
H o w e v e r , I like this chair. Let’s get back to the chair, folks shall we? Since I seem to be on the computer most all the time, it is time for a proper desk and a proper chair. You know what I mean, a proper means that apart from looking good it should be functional as well. Now, that’s a Design that Matters. Beauty and function paired together in a nice little package.

Function wise it is like this; I spend a heck of a lot of hours in front of the computer every day. Even holidays. And my back hurts. Not all the time but I can feel that I have a back. You are not supposed to feel your body in the achy way, are you?

The ON chair will apparently do me good because the marketing about it says that in order to be as efficient as possible at work I should be as healthy as possible. Amen to that, I’d say.

Further on they state that the On chair uses the Trimension technology (Hmm…what is that. Wait, I’ll google it ….*Confused* …. Wikipedia says that it is a “framerate enhancement software”, I guess I’ll have to google that as well. Another day I think). But let’s establish that Trimension technology is something really good, since apparently it is, according to Wilkhahn, a mechanism that follows the positions functions and scope of movement in the knee and hip joins (what about the back?). And, this is the best part, The ON chair will activate your whole metabolic system! How about that?! I will burn calories by sitting! Can things get any better? If I buy The ON chair it will let me move forward [in life?], backwards and sideways [I  r e a l l y  hope that is not in life we are talking about here] without me leaving the chair. Thus it will activate group muscles which are otherwise ignored while sitting.

So, the trick question, what is the price tag for this beauty? It will be yours for a mere $850. It is pricey, but hey, you can’t put a price on your health can you, and besides your creativity will probably boom.