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World Design Capital 2010: Seoul.

Right now the Seoul Design Fair is taking place in Seoul, Korea. The theme for the fair is ‘Design for All’ and is ongoing between September 17 and October 7. The theme is set with the participation of the citizens in mind. You are supposed to enjoy the festival regardless of cultural background, age and sex. But that is not all. The fair focuses on development of the design industry and to cultivate the concept of ‘Designomics’ (Design + Economics) as well as the effort to globalize the design festival itself.

Suddenly decided to throw yourself on a plane to Seoul? Don’t know where to stay? Try the W Hotel.

Have you made your reservations now? Good. Let’s get back to  d e s i g n:

It is interesting how design affects us all. Design is not at all just products or fashion, color or forms etc. Have you ever thought of that cities are designed? Yes they are. Architects regularly refers to it as ‘hard surface, soft surface’ one among other terms they use. But if you think of it, it is really important how the buildings look, where they are placed, what is in between the buildings and how is it lit at night. Just to mention a few things that are designed in a city.

The interesting part of WDC 2010 Seoul’s theme “Design for All” is that it encompasses the ultimate value of design in improving the quality of life for people. D4A aims at creating a more harmonious world in which communication flows seamlessly and that design should promote a social solution for sharing, eliminating barriers and for communicating. Interesting, isn’t it?!

2012 it is Finland’s turn. Helsinki will then be the city to visit. Exciting!