Designmekka Exhibitions Hotels Interior decorations

Elegant design by Lilith Rockett.

Look at these jars. Made in elegant white porcelain and…just lovely to watch. It is like an installation, but it is actually every day household jars.Wouldn’t it make you happy to take some cookies out of one of these? It sure would make me feel…content even. I love good design in every day life. The designer behind these are Lilith Rockett, a ceramic designer who operates out of her studio in Portland, OR . You will find Rocketts designs online at Kobo in Seattle  and the OK Store in Los Angeles.  And naturally at Rockett’e own online store. Just click at the blue words and it will take you there…Don’t say I don’t look out for you!

I am even so nice that I will recommend a hotel, hence your sudden urge to throw yourself on a plane, in the car, bus, train or your bike and go see one of Rocketts gallery showings or if you want to have a little retail therapy in Seattle and/or Los Angeles.

How about this hotel?

Hotel Max Seattle is a newly renovated quite large hotel [168 rooms] but with a modern design makeover. The look of the hotel is wonderful, the minute you enter you notice all brightly colored modern furnishings against the dark masculine backgrounds. It actually looks kind of Nordic:ish rather than Northwestern rustic. But there are a lot of local color and flair such as work by Seattle artists, a collection of Seattle rock photography adorn the walls of the public spaces as well as on every guest room’s door. And the guest rooms has a simple-chic aesthetic to them, with a splash of luxury. Last but not least Hotel Max is Pet friendly, Gay friendly and…well, friendly you know. Want to go? You know you want to…click here and you will be directed to the hotel. Enjoy your trip!

For those in the mood for some California sun and fun. How about Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles?

Look at the view, the crisp interior decorations and check out the b e d! And the mirror with orange organza draped over it (or maybe I am wrong – either way it looks adorable to me). Last but not least, you’ve got to see this

Especially look at the picture to the right. Ahhh, I want to be there so bad. Outdoor dining amongst over sized terracotta flower pots with trees in them. Isn’t it adorable?! I know, I know – I should cut to the chase. You want to make your reservations to The Mondrian. Yesterday. Well, can’t accommodate that, but if you click here you will be directed to their site. Have fun in LA! [write me a post card, will you?!]