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Thailand jewelry
Thai jewels – Fonthip
Eye candy
Hayonish sofa
Beautiful Bag Japan
Naoto Fukusawa Box
Naoto Fukasawa
Rum21 and Lovisa Burfitt
Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 18.39.13
Mansur Gavriel
Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 17.08.58

Bacsac – happy plants solution

I am in the midst of searching high and low for some great (in my opinion) large pots [of some kind] for my indoor palm trees. And check these Bacsac's out - aren't they adorable? What a great invention; colorful, smart design (in many different ...

larchmont farmers market

Hollywood Farmers Market

Visit any Farmers Market, near or far, anywhere really - and you'll have an abundance of design. In everything and anything. Even the most simple things like fresh berries or fruit is beautiful. Mind you, these pictures haven't been near ...


Rocket Coffee Bar, Bangkok

Bangkok has some of the most well designed coffee shops in the world according to us at DMKA. We love Bangkok for all its beauty and even in the not so beautiful things (still picturesque). On our last visit we found (through a tip from ...

Los Angeles juices

Larchmont, Los Angeles

The first thing I noticed was the shape of the bottles. I stopped in my step and just had to stroke the glass bottles. The guy selling them kindly let us sample the juice and it was truly delicious. We were visiting Farmers Market at Larchmont - ...

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