How to design a coffee table?

OK, I really REALLY want a glass coffee table. Not so much because it it glass really, because that can be a hassle. You have to dust it every day, it clinks when you put your glass (or whatever that is a bit hard) down, there will be fingerprints on it as soon as you touch it. The list goes on. But, I have the most gorgeous carpet – and with a glass table you will be able to see it properly. Also when my dog was still around (sadly she passed) I didn´t want legs under the table to restrict her area (she loved staying on the carpet) of moving around, so I settled for one of those tables that has only one leg in the middle. And I have hated it since day one – but what to do, the beloved dog comes first.

But. New times. Back to the glass table wanting. I asked my Mom (who used to design…well, everything furniture wise really) if she could help out. The reply was: – just do it. I replied: but how? And she said with irritation: – you learn.

Thank you Mom! (not) (or maybe, at least now I’ll have to do it myself and I guess I will learn – the question is: how long time will it take me to finally have a new table :)

To be continued…(I don’t know when, but maybe sometime in the future ha ha. Besides: the Glass is not the problem, it is the legs holding it that needs to be designed…)

Vladimir Kagan

Akiro Coffe Table

I can´t seem to find the designer/seller of this one, I only have this website (where I borrowed the picture from) but it doesn’t seem to be there. However, it is kind of nice, don’t you think?

Isn’t it interesting that so many designs are inspired by the iconic Isamu Noguchi coffee table?

Then there are the ones with straight legs:×100-cm-lacquered-oak-clear-glass/

However, what I do realise since I started researching this is that I do not like the legs to point outwards like this:

Do you?