How to avoid high temperatures indoors…?

Summertime is indeed wonderful in every way. Outdoors that is (hence the comfy Fatboy yesterday). However, when the temperature reach towards the sky indoors and there is no way to breathe (and I know that this is the case in many many places around the world – but right now lets concentrate on the so called “developed countries” look at things), I am thinking about how to shield my apartment from the rising temperatures. 어떻게 ?

One way is…taddaaa: blackout curtains. Somehow it is not that appealing as you will indeed be living in a dungeoun – summer means seeking and enjoying the light, doesn’t it? Anyhow, if I understand it correctly the best way is to make sure that the rays does not hit the windows (glass). And again: 어떻게 ?

How about a “film” that you put on the outside of the window?! I find it quite interesting – it just might work. I found this info while browsing the internet for a solution – link here to the website that carries this. To be continued…