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Swarovski rings 2012 designed by architect Greg Lynn.

Charlotte, it is time to indulge in rings again!

Swarovski have long been considered the IT jewelry if you don’t opt for real gem stones. Swarovski’s much exists in its own right.

Now the company have signed architect Greg Lynn, who is known for the organic, biomorphic forms with which he designs everything from buildings to flatware and furniture.

In 2009 Lynn made an installation for Swarovski at Design Miami and he has now been invited back by Nadja Swarovski, Creative Director for the company, to design a line of jewelry.

For this collection Lynn designed a range of pieces including earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces in various forms and color combinations. Captured here are some of the rings he designed.

Lynn’s jewelry is part of Atelier Swarowski’s fall/winter 2012 collection and will be available online and at select retailers and of course at Swarovski stores worldwide.

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