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Baggu Bags made with love.

I have this …love affair ….with stylish, sustainable bags actually. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe when I got my very first Baggu Bag? Or maybe the second one? Or can it have been when I got the third one? Wait, it might have been the two last ones that arrived last week.

Oh well, you see; a true love affair.  It is the colors. And the shape[s]. And the textures. And the fact that they are easy to pack, holds everything and is roomy but still convenient to carry. And when not used are fitted into a small, tiny pouch that is barely there. And, naturally, it is the fab idea of using as much from the material that is ever possible. Sustainability. Make use of what you have and do not throw away unnecessarily. And, I might add, doing it in style. Hallelujah to that.

Above are some pictures of my favorite ones. I’ve picked just a few, to give you an idea of my preferences. But Baggus come in something like 50ish colors/patterns and in four different sizes.  There’s a whole world out there! And they’re not even expensive. Finally I’ve found a habit that is not ruining me. *Yeay*

Check them out at BAGGU – The Most Stylish Reusable Shopping Bags

And you know what, it is $5 Flat Rate Shipping when ordering from the US. International shipping is slightly more, but the Baggus arrive in a flash. And last but not least; The Baggu Customer Service is outstanding.