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Salty things to show a little love.

I was in Japan and discovered salty sweet things. It was sort of the revelation for me. And since then…I am in love with salty sweet stuff. So, although I haven’t tried these. I sure I would like to.

This is the story behind the goodies (taken straight from their website):

Salty Road was born in late June 2011. Friends had opened an organic produce stand near the beach in Far Rockaway, Brooklyn, and had the idea to make some really good quality salt water taffy to sell on the boardwalk. Since I had been working as a candy maker at Liddabit Sweets, I decided to make it for them to sell. I had been warned about making taffy by hand– it was really laborious what with all the hand stretching, cutting and wrapping. But it was love at first pull. The taffy I was making was different than any other I had tasted before.  The taffy was softer, almost airy, creamy like a milkshake with a distinct salt crystal crunch and a true vanilla flavor achieved by adding real vanilla bean.  My taffy recipe has been perfected since that first pull and everyone agrees that it gets better and better with each batch – – – and my arms get stronger and stronger!