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Oslo Opera House

While in Oslo I just had to visit the new Oslo Opera House. And it is not a disappointment. Beautiful building, fascinating architecture.  And the very best of it all is that my little rabbit-hunting podenco had n.o. rabbits to hunt while running lose on that roof! Nice! She ran here, she ran there and didn’t get lost even once! What a great feeling! :)

The Opera House is housing both music and ballet. It is as beautiful inside as it is outside! And the best of it all, they even throw concerts on the roof (or whatever you can call those white, flat, leaning pastures on the sides of the glass). In late June Al Green will be in concert there. I wish I could stay and attend!

Apart from that Oslo is right now in a Eurovision Song Contest Frenzy!

The Opera house was inaugurated on April 12th 2008. The architects who designed it was Snöhetta. Architects that has a strong relationship between landscape and architecture in all its projects. They have received numerous awards for both design and quality. Want to know more about Snöhetta? Click here