Designmekka Interior decorations

Beautiful table.

I found this beautiful coffee table at the cool resort The Chill in Koh Chang. Unfortunately I have no clue to as to where to find it. But it doesn’t keep me from admiring it. And showing it to you of course. Look at the form of the legs. And the form of the table top. And, I might add, the surface resembles that of Tom Dixon’s Slab table. I just love a good structure on things.

Not only the coffee table in the lobby is beautiful at The Chill. This is a picture from the lobby. Silk pillows. Yes it is silk. I have sensitive fingertips.

You find the same sort of pillows all over the place. Here they are in the splash room. Ground floor. Just outdoors is the small patio where you take one step and climb into the pool. Pretty cool I might add.

After some days we moved on up. See the terraces at the top floor?

Here it is. The sky room. Check out the pillows. Now there are rectangular ones mixed with the round ones. Apart from the pillows, it is a beautiful room. Rooms.

Ahh, the joys of The Chill at Koh Chang.

Last but not least;

Look at that t.a.b.l.e.