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If any of you have read my Story Cooking stories you know by now what I think of ketchup. All the “regular” ones anyway – I have to insert that here because I’ve had a change of heart.

I met Sir Kensington. And what a man he is! Long gone are the days when you squeezed ketchup from a plastic bottle. Long gone are the days when you hysterically shook the glass bottle and nothing came out. And nothing came out. And nothing came out. And suddenly waay too much came out and totally drenched your food [hence the saying; ketchup effect].

Sir Kensington have given us the chance to elegantly scoop up the amount of ketchup you prefer. And it is not any ketchup either. We’re talking gourmet ketchup here.

So, folks, head towards your nearest Whole Foods and get your hands on your very own Sir Kensington Ketchup. You won’t regret it.

(and for those of you that rather have it delivered, visit and procure it directly from him/them/there)