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Elephants by elephants

In Bangkok it is a good idea to use the so called skytrain, or BTS as it is often called. We bought ourselves a smartcard to use since we moved around quite a bit. However, we didn’t get to finish the amount we placed on the card, but that’s a completely other story. It has not much to do with design, but if I say the word Red you might know what I mean. Or not. But that’s besides the point. What I am trying to get to here is that the cards we got had the cutest images on them. Elephants on some and flowers on some. Supposedly painted by elephants. I don’t know about that, whicheverwayitis it sure is cute.

and there are baby elephants too

Now this is a tinywiny picture. But you get the drift right?

When looking into it a bit more I understand that the BTS Corporation most of the time (always) has different design of their cards, supporting causes or informing about something. And a splash of marketing I am sure. Great idea though!