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Is it a stool? Is it a table? It’s both actually!

Thailand rocks! Look what else I found at the BIG Fair (I guess I will indulge in a lot of cool Thai designs for a while!). You know the Thai triangular pillows, the ones you have to sort of sit on, lean on while being all cosy?

For those of you that haven’t come across this Thai triangular pillow, the three layers underneath can be folded in many ways as to form a chair, a bed etc. Smart idea indeed.

If you look at the pillows being stacked like this

You for sure see the resemblance of The Star Stool and from where the designer got his inspiration

You do, right?

The Star Stool can be used both as a stool and a table (but in my mind I just saw the table when I stumbled upon it). And if you put many of them together you can form a larger table in a shape of your choice.

Check out the legs

They are removable so the transportation can be done “Ikea” style, in a flat package.

The designer behind this stool/table is Nakarin Kamseela. I did not have the pleasure of meeting him at the BIG Fair but he won second prize in the Gift & Home Decorative Design Award 2010 with his Star Stool.

I can’t wait to see all these talented young Thai designers take off in the design world.