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Dior Hydra Life BB Cream.

OK, here I was. At the beauty counter at Macy’s. And wanted to buy my usual foundation. And the, very nice but anyway, lady is convincing me that I really should get the BB cream. Really really I should.

So I really really fell for her convincing speach and got it. I wondered what got into me when I got home. I have sworn not to listen to sales people’s talk anymore. I know what I want and need and basta.

But here I am with my new BB cream. Dior mind you.

But oh that BB Cream. Ah that BB Cream. Ih that BB Cream. I will never be a sales person, but the one thing that I might consider selling will have to be the Dior BB Cream (and my all time no-nonsense-bags I like so much).

If you are out of foundation and are heading towards the beauty counter to get some (or if you buy on line). Please try the BB Cream. Please. For your face’s sake. It will thank you.

You are welcome!

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