Hand made lavender scented soap

Lavener field

Introducing: organic, all natural lavender scented hand made soap from  the freshest of ingredients such as essential oil made from real lavender.

Lavender soap with dried lavender flowers

Lavender is one of those scents that is so nice. Imagine the fragrance….., breathe it in deep and just….lovely isn’t it?

I love meeting talented artisans like T. T makes soap by hand (among other things such as creams, scrubs etc.), and one essential oil she use to scent  her products with is lavender (I will introduce you to all the other great items she makes in another post).

Hand made soap
She picks the lavender herself. I don’t know about you but it gives me a nice feeling that the soap (or any item really) is authentic.

Lavener field

All natural
This is an all natural lavender scented soap, not made by machines at a multinational company. This soap is hand made. And since this is a design blog – have you noticed how beautiful it is?



Hollywood Farmers Market

larchmont farmers market

Visit any Farmers Market, near or far, anywhere really – and you’ll have an abundance of design. In everything and anything.

Even the most simple things like fresh berries or fruit is beautiful. Mind you, these pictures haven’t been near photoshop. And the colors and shapes are just perfect …

larchmont farmers marketFarmers Market Hollywood PeachesPictures from Hollywood Farmers Market, Los Angeles.


Larchmont, Los Angeles

Los Angeles juices

Los Angeles juices

The first thing I noticed was the shape of the bottles. I stopped in my step and just had to stroke the glass bottles. The guy selling them kindly let us sample the juice and it was truly delicious. We were visiting Farmers Market at Larchmont – a quaint, smallish farmers market where there are a lot on offer but still not so much that it gets lost in translation.

Besides [the Farmers Market] Larchmont is a street with many nice places/shops/restaurants so if there is nothing of interest at Farmers Market (every Sunday) there is always other things/places to see/do.

Meanwhile, enjoy these vibrant colors

larchmont farmers market


Denmark in Japan


I have to admit I have a thing for Japan. I love the people, the food, the courteousness, the order, the attention to detail…the list can go on forever.

On a recent trip I was roaming around just looking at whatever caught my eye, and I enjoyed looking at the products at this shop in Kyoto… and then it occured to me that it was Danish design (!). Not that I should have been so surprised, I really enjoy Danish design as well. A lot. But I just didn’t expect to stumble across it just then and there.

Danish Japan 2 540

Danish Japan 1 540

Danish Japan 3 540

By the way, if you are heading towards Kyoto, try to stay some nights in a ryokan, that is an experience that you shouldn’t miss, but if you want to save some $ you can stay really comfortably at a hostel. I stayed at Piece Hostel Kyoto. Awsome place! I totally loved it. It is a friendly, no fuss, squeaky clean place with oh-so-comfy-beds. With friendly and super helpful staff as the cherry on top.

Piece 1

Piece Kyoto 2

Piece Kyoto 3

Piece 4

Piece 5

Piece 6


Bowl, The



I love the idea of a coffee table that is also a storage area without looking like it. It appeals to my sense of (trying to) keeping things tidy and in order.

The designer behind this excellent idea is Rikke Frost from Denmark. The coffee table Bowl was designed for the interior design company/shop Bolia.








Normann Copenhagen vase Agnes



Designer Agnes Fries has created a simple and contrasting range of vases for Normann Copenhagen. The vases have been decorated by hand with intense black brush strokes giving the vases a raw and graphic feel.

Agnes Fries grew up in an artistic home that was full of canvas, paint and brushes. When in China, she learned how to paint so that the brush strokes stand out clearly by using calligraphy as her starting point. Both experiences have served as sources of inspiration for the Agnes vase.

Agnes Fries says: The brush strokes on the first versions of the vase were painted on the bottom, until one day when I turned one of the vases around by coincidence. And all at once it became obvious that this was just what was needed. It created the perfect playful, unhindered interaction between the simple shape of the vase and the decoration thereof.”

The Agnes vase became a part of the Danish Crafts Collection in 2012 due to the high quality of craftsmanship and Agnes Fries’ originality of work with the material.

Design: Agnes Fries
Picture and info from Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen
Osterbrogade 70
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark