Japan and other thoughts

I happen to love a lot about Japan. I love their sense of design, estetics. They make even a cup of coffee look nice. And you have to admit that it is not half bad getting a beautiful cup of coffee instead of just a cup of coffee. It is nice to feel good about the things that surround you.

It’s like working in an office environment. It is a BIG DIFFERENCE spending 8 hours a day in a nice environment instead of 8 hours in a crappy designed place. And let’s admit it, there are not many offices with a thought behind the desks, chairs, carpets, walls etc. Most offices are just…well, offices. Like the one I happen to work in at present. When one has had the pleasure of a fantastic office and trade it for that crappy one. It is weird how much it effect it has on your quality of work. At least mine.

I sure miss my Gubi desk, Bestlite desk lamp, Eames chairs etc. And I for sure miss my fantastic boss. There are not many great leaders out there, and I am over the moon happy that I got to work with him. Unfortunately he decided to leave the company. So the rest of us left too. No reason to stay on without our fearless leader.

However, I didn’t mean to talk about office environment, and most definitely not history. Japan. Love Japan. Love Japanese stuff. Fortunately for me, a fab little Japanese shop opened up in my home town. Zakka.

Love that place.

Check out their stuff here
and here