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Denmark in Japan

  I have to admit I have a thing for Japan. I love the people, the food, the courteousness, the order, the attention to detail...the list can go on forever. On a recent trip I was roaming around just looking at whatever caught my eye, and ...


Jonathan Adler @ Miami Design District

  When, I say when and not if, you visit Miami Design District make sure to pay a visit to the new (and the brands largest to date) Jonathan Adler store/showroom. It is such a vibrant, colourful, wonderful store. Makes you happy just ...

logo symosium

Food design.

Ever thought of food as being designed? I thought so. Usually we don't. Usually we 'just cook' and eat. Usually a chef is the culinary designer. But we really never think of food as being designed, do we?! At least I didn't. Before.But then along ...


Elegant design by Lilith Rockett.

Look at these jars. Made in elegant white porcelain and...just lovely to watch. It is like an installation, but it is actually every day household jars.Wouldn't it make you happy to take some cookies out of one of these? It sure would make me ...

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