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Yellow is here.

I think I have always had a thing for yellow. In my first apartment I had a yellow bedspread If I recall correctly. In another apartment I painted yellow walls (happy 90s). In the apartment that followed I had one wall painted deep burgundy. Just to show you that I Do Not Always Go For Yellow. Sometimes I go for pink. And black. And…oh well.

However, I am back where I started I think. I am back to adoring yellow. It is something about that color that makes me …well, happy actually.

In my inbox today I got an email from The Rug Company (to whom I have written introducing my all time favorite rug “The Macaroon Carpet” – but they just don’t seem to get it. Well, their loss.) with fabolous rugs, wall hangings and throw pillows in…yeeellow of course. I simply love the picture below. Love all of it. Not only the yellow rug. But it is darn beautiful.

So I would hereby like to share my frenzy for yellow with y’all.

Have a yellow day!

Sellarsbrook Yellow rug by Suzanne Sharp and Fantastic Journey wallhanging by Fiona Curran. Picture from The Rug Company.

Oh, before you continue to another website; just got to show you this Baggu Pouch M as well (8.5″ wide by 8.5″ tall). It’s like a juicy lemon. Love it!

Made in NYC by Baggu.