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The Dunder sofa.

I really like the idea of doing it the way you want to. No restrictions, well almost none anyway! Whatever you fancy.
When I bought my sofa, last summer, I forgot to measure….the elevator in my building. I knew the measurements of the sofa, and that it would fit in my home. But I couldn’t dream of that I wouldn’t be able to get it up to the 7th floor. Not through the elevator. Not by the stairs. They were to narrow. The elevator was to short. And now we’re talking about the largest elevator in the building! Arrrrggghhhh….. I tried everything. To squeeze it up the stairs. Nope. To squeeze it into the elevator. Nope. To take the textile off the sofa and try to unscrew the armrests. Nope. The sofas textile is sewn together. No zippers here. So I cut the textile open (underneath of course) only to uncover that there are no screws in the sofa. It is glued together. What was I supposed to do? Take a chain saw? Nope, I didn’t think the result would be tempting to have in my living room. I don’t have an open fire place, so there wouldn’t be anything that I’d be able to do with the wood.
So I called a crane company. Boy did my neighbors wonder what was happening when a sofa came soaring in the sky, into my balcony and into my living room. It worked. I am actually sitting in my white, comfy Jens Juhl Eilersen sofa writing this. However, I will probably not be able to move any time soon….that is unless I call the crane company again. Or make fire wood out of the sofa. Finally? Then again I always dreamed of an open fire place!

So I guess you all will understand why I really like the Dunder sofa by Blå Station. It comes in sections. Sections! Smart idea. I bet those sections fit in almost any elevator or stairs. Next time, I will not put myself in the position of having to call a crane company because of a sofa.