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Thai jewels – Fonthip

While in Bangkok I had the pleasure of visiting the International Arts & Crafts fair 2015 where many very talented designers showcased their products. I

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WAMP Budapest

When in Budapest, don’t miss WAMP. WAMP is a community event/design fair that takes place twice a month (on Sundays) in a beautiful building on

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DIY Macrame Bracelets

  Cute bracelet. Especially when you wear many of them together. Where to get them? You make them yourself. Check out the link below. It

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Bracelet heaven.

Ahhh, the joy of jewelery! These simple but yet elegant from Charlotte Lyngaard. Anybody noticed that I elegantly moved from lamps to bracelets? :)

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Guld. Och gröna skogar?

På väg från den trevliga lunchen med Karin idag passerade vi en liten guldsmedsbutik som jag inte lagt märke till förut. Vilket i och för

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