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Stuff from natural fibers.

Recently I came home from some travelling. I’ve been both west and east. West coast of the U.S. and to South East Asia. Two wonderful trips I might add. However, in Bangkok I attended the BIG Fair at Bitec. They had the most interesting hall – The Design Hall – yeah, you guessed it. I was in heaven!

I will from time to time introduce to you some of the products I found and that I really liked.

As soon as I entered the Design Hall I came upon these cushion seats. First I sat in this one.

…and then I tried this one. I know, I know, they are just the same. Same comfyness to them too. But they look a little bit different. Their measurements are 80 x 80 x 30 cm and they are made out of natural fibers. I don’t know exactly from what these are made of but the company that produces these use natural fibers such as water hyacinth, mulberry paper, cotton and hemp. My guess is that these were made out of hemp. Loved them. Loooved them. If I wanted to buy them I had to buy USD3000 worth of ’em. And they were priced at approx USD100 each. That’s a lot of cushion seats. I only need two. Maybe three or maximum four. So that was that with this cusion seat dream.

There were more! Check these out:

In case you don’t want to sit on the floor. And this one you can actually use as a table too. See..

Sofas are cosy too

And for the more cosy ones among us, check this one out

Table? Sure thing, imagine you’re out in your garden:

Nice? You bet it is.

The company that designs and produces these, among others, articles is Ayodhya. Founded in 1994 and offer unique designs of handicraft made of natural fibers (as mentioned before). Pleeeeease, pleasse someone give me those cushion seats. Pleasse!!