Designmekka Interior decorations

Skull votive by Kosta Boda.

Back in the days, far far back I mean, there were the Snowball. From the shape and the sort of crisp surface it was to evoke the Swedish winters of old times, when lanterns of snowballs lit up the winter darkness. The Snowball was designed by Ann Wärff in 1973 and nowadays it is considered a classic.

And then I think most of us got a little tired of the snowball [effect]. Now there is another take, maybe not on the Snowball, but it just as well might be. Check this out

The Skull. Kind’a’cool don’t you think?

The designer behind the Skull is Ludvig Löfgren. Skull is a votive that is supposed to put us in touch with Shakespeare’s Hamlet. However, I believe that most people just think that a skull votive is rock’n’roll.

You’ll find more info when you click here: Still Life Skull Votive