Accessories Designmekka


I still never hear my mobile phone ringing.

I had all good intentions and actually got the Stelton strap (grey) that I liked so much. Read about it here. But all good intentions are still good intentions didn’t help much. I realised that going around with a strap around my neck wasn’t my thing. Since the shape of cell phones look a bit different now, we nowadays have a cover for our phones instead. I got mine in Bangkok. Got a wallet too. In silver. And boy do I love my silver stuff.

Thank God I got two wallets since a wallet tend to look, well, let’s just say not so good after a long wear and tear. It is soon time for me to start making wallet No. 2 my main man, best friend, someone I can trust. And yes, I do have a smaller sized coin wallet too. Cute, don’t you think?

The phone cover. Looks lovely. Works like a charm. No scratches on my phone, no sir. However. Muffles the ringing.

Alas, I still can’t hear my phone ringing. Does it matter much? Not really, I have a very nice cover for it so who cares? Maybe the people that are trying to phone me cares. Sorry guys!