Designmekka Interior decorations

Lindstén galore.

Johan Lindstén is man behind some very interesting products; like the melt down lamp, and the folklore chair as well as the old times film studio lamp, among many other products. Mr. Lindstén is a very productive designer to say the least.

The concept for the melt down lamp is based on an inspirational trip to Japan that Lindstén had to delay for six months after the unfortunate and very tragic accident in Fukushima. Lindstén started thinking about what would happen if an actual meltdown would occur and what would the impact be? The disaster is reflected in the lamps where the process already begun and the bulb are about to melt through the last defence of the glass.

Needless to say, the lamps are beautiful in spite of its inspirational heritage.


And then there are the folklore:istic chairs. This is what Lindstén himself says about them:

“Many hours, many days, many weeks and years have women in older generations spent on embroidery to catch an idyll view. Many with dreams to be a part of that life with a nice little red cottage close to the water and Bambi watching over us.

These stitches and dreams are for most people forgotten and thrown away to an eternal lost never to been appreciated. This furniture’s destiny is to elevate and promote these neglected pieces of art, bring back a long lost sentimental value and mix it with contemporary design.”

And then there are the modern take on the vintage times film studio lamps combined with that nordic wooden feel. Simple beauty.

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