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Like quiet, white snow falling..

I bought my present vacuum cleaner about 15 years ago. It was expensive. And it has been a trouper. Well functioning. Well behaved. A little too large and too heavy maybe, but at the time it was very neat. However, it is dying on me. It really is. The wheels started falling off. That’s OK, I can do without the wheels, it is still a good machine I reasoned. However. Yesterday its engine started rumbling really loud. And it smelled sort of…burnt. So I guess it is time. Time for my vacuum cleaner to R.I.P.

And time for another one to move into my house. But this time around I want a good looking one as well as well functioning. I found designer Pia Wallén’s vacuum cleaner for Electrolux with the spiffy name Ultra silencer z3300 Special Edition. Not bad eh? The designer got her inspiration for this machine from quiet, falling snow. That is why the vacuum cleaner is all white with small details (such as the cord for instance) in orange. A piece of art.