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Macarons; delicinspiration.

It is an explosion of colors behind the counter. Hands are moving fast picking up cookies in all colors of the rainbow; green, red, yellow, orange, pink, mint, blue…and being placed in the cool mint green boxes which has become the Ladurée signature.

I am talking about macarons, the French cookie that is now conquering the world. You see macarons in films, tv-shows, fashion magazines and… you name it.

Ladurée started out with one shop on Champs Èlysées and has in one short decade gone from one store to shops in Paris, London, Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Japan and…the list is as long as 13 countries. The latest one will this summer open at Madison Avenue in New York. And Ladurée will not stop here. This is just the beginning if you listen to Mr. David Holder, General Manager of Laudurée.

I love macarons. They are beautiful to look at. They taste delicious. They are like…fairy tale:ish. What can be better? Well, the best thing is that they inspire to great design!

I have previously told you about a beautiful carpet that is designed with the inspiration of Ladurée macarons. The talented designer is Nuttamon Prayoonhong – and although I posted this almost one year ago – this is still my all time favorite carpet that I hope one day will take its natural place in my home. And I really hope the rest of the design world will appreciate its beauty. It’s about time!

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