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Jimmy Choo vs. Swedish Has Beens




Just found these on the net. Jimmy Choo. Who would have thought that a designer brand would start making “clogs”. Being from the Nordic we are used to clogs. That’s something many of us still have. Or at least had. Or at the very least had people around us having. There is no way you haven’t “met” with a pair of clogs before.

Now, I do realise that the clogs today are more upbeat than back in the days when there were only one style. Maybe with something painted on the toe. To be a little “designed”. However, then came Swedish Has Beens and changed the clog world as we knew it. Now you can have clogs in many shapes and colors.

But back to the main issue at hand. Jimmy Choo clogs vs. Swedish Has Beens clogs. Which ones do you prefer?



Yup. Swedish Has Beens. See more styles and get inspired here