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Ikea – flat packages for all


OK, I have to admit I am not an IKEA fan of big proportions. That not said I don’t like their designs, I do. What I don’t like is that after a while things has to be tightened and …. done something to. I’d like to have my furniture, and that’s that. Not worrying it will fall apart after some years. However, I guess that is more and more in the past with IKEA (just as H&M things are getting better) although this still applies for some things, but not all. So, I still buy IKEA. It’s a love/hate relationship I guess.

My latest purchase will have to be this one:


It is a chair come towel rack for your bathroom.
I do not need a chair for my bathroom. But what I do need is a bedside table. And imagine this chair/towel rack painted white (I like things white), and you can hang, not towels, but beautiful fabrics on the towel racks. Or fasten a clip on lamp to double as your bedside lamp. Ahh this will be so good.

I will keep you posted.

IKEA Rågrund