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Greta Grossman Magnusson

She is back. Well, Mrs. Grossman isn’t really back but her work is. Danish company Gubi has started production of the Grossman Grasshopper floor lamp (the red one above) in various colors. I for one am still waiting for the double grasshopper. There is nothing like it.

Below is the floor lamp Cobra in profile. You see it above in another angle. It is also a very interesting lamp.

…one of which Gubi will also produce a table version of.


(This is the original version)


(and here’s the original drawing for the original)

But I am still waiting for the Cobra table lamp with a little grasshopper in it. See this red treasure below. I really hope that Gubi will produce this one as well sometime in the near future.



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Now I am in a hunting mode for GGM’s art. She withdrew to San Diego after her husband passed away and in SD she painted. I am really curious about her art. Does anyone know of it? Please give me a holler..