Goodbye 2017 – Hello 2018

I am curious what 2018 brings. Will we have a lot of yellow again? I know I used to love yellow. I guess I still do to some extent. Somehow yellow is a bright and happy color for me. Or will we continue with the dusty colors – beautiful in its own right?

Us Scandinavians tend to go with white a lot. It might be because the weather is gray most of the time (grey and white is quite beautiful together!).

Trend spotters predicts it will be a lot of strong colors during 2018 – and black is in the forefront. The color of all colors – I know that black is not ‘a color’ but never mind, it still is considered a color in my book. It goes well with anything and everything if you ask me .(.. but I still long for yellow).

We will continue to see a lot of wood, greens (both as color and as plants), metallic – is it so that we in this connected world long for authenticity – the real deal? Vintage mixed in with our present reality. Because it is…well, real really.

To sum it up: all trends are in action at the same time. Do, use, paint, furnish, dress exactly as you wish as long as it makes you happy. Because at the end of the day – happiness is what matters.

Have a happy 2018!

Stolab LIlla Åland

Chair ‘Lilla Åland’, made by StolAB. Picture from