Designmekka Interior decorations

Friend or foe?

In October 2009 I told about this wonderful line of every day products. Designer Gustav Kristensson makes these under his design company Vardagsbruk. I loved it in 2009. I loved in in 2010. And I still love it in 2011. Specially the tea cup/mug. In white.

And now it has received an award from the magazine Residence for great design. På tiden!

This is what is said about it at Vardagsbruks homepage:

A CERAMIC FRIEND ON THE TABLE, sober and commonplace in the spirit. The receptive language of form in the tea and coffee sets Half past seven, is durable for the eye and connects back to 1950 century wise staple, which Höganäs tableware and Hertha Bengtson Boil blue for Rörstrand. But the surface “lathe stripes” and the little square handles give a subtle touch of high tech. Nice.