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Design worth while.

Anna Kraitz is a very talented designer whom you should keep track of. With permission from the designer herself has the pleasure to publish these pictures (Thank you Anna! I am grateful for your consent and happy to show your products.)
Candy for the eyes:

Look at the details of the Mamalook sofa, see the thoughtful design. Even the legs has a form of its own!
Photographer: Johann Bergenholtz.

But there is more. And since I seem to get stuck looking at lamps, I give you…drumroll…
the floorlamp Girl. Look at the braids! Cool, isn’t it?!

Anna Kraitz also designs every day products like lamps and teapots as well as teacups.

Talking about every day products. Look at these cool sunglasses:

Ahhh..the joy of wonderful design. Do you want to check out more of talented Anna Kraitz designs? Click here