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Classic vs. contemporary. Tables.


I love this picture that I knicked from Why? Why I knicked it or why I love the pic? Oh well, I adore the kitchen as is, but I have really fallen for the kitchen table. Look at the glass table top; it has strength and … well, authority. The table also has that pose of someone who knows who they are and are proud of it.

OK, maybe you cannot talk like that about a “dead” thing. But bear with me; they’re for sure not dead to me. I could dance with them. Or at least dance around them (we’re talking tables now) and definitely have sumptuous meals with friends. You see, it is more of a family member.

OK, here goes; here’s the same picture again, a little closer this time; check out the glass table top and the legs one more time…

Beautiful. Look at those legs. And now, turn your gaze downwards (or just scroll that’ll do it just fine)… Let me introduce to you:

Tapio Wirkkala from Finland made this beautiful table already in 1958.

Maybe the tables are siblings? I don’t know but what I do know is that I think it is great that new designers get inspired by old classics. This makes their life continue and continue. It’s just like with the String shelves actually. That is also a great idea. And the Margareta Grossman ‘s Grasshopper and Cobra lamps that are now in production by Guby (but that will be in another post some other time).

I would love to have any of these in my kitchen, but maybe, just maybe I’d actually go for the modern version. I tend to like fusion. Fusion food, Fusion musik, Fusion people and least but not last Fusion Furniture. And with that dear friends, I am signing off for today.

Oh By The Way – it is February 29th today. You know what to do ladies. That is, if you want to of course.

Safe Skies!