WAMP Budapest

When in Budapest, don’t miss WAMP. WAMP is a community event/design fair that takes place twice a month (on Sundays) in a beautiful building on

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Muse Me.

The first thing that cought my eye in this picture is the painting. This piece of art, by Hamid Raoufi, can be seen live at

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Lina Ekstrand.

Lina Ekstrand is the very talented illustrator behind this work of art. A piece she showed at the Fashion Week in London 2010. Well, keep

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Contempcient art to be?

At the exhibition I told you about earlier, I met one of the art teachers who, not surprisingly, is an artist himself. Mr. Chandana Samarakoon.

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A history from a history.

Robert Bradford är hjärnan bakom de här skulpturerna. De kom till av att han funderade på vad man kan göra med barnens bortglömda leksaker till

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