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Baggu Spring


For those who know me, you know I am addicted to my Baggus.
My yellow Baggu is the home of all the cords and other nicknacks you need when toting around the Mac Air (that is sooo not heavy – the only thing is with that the number of appliances you need to bring with you = just as heavy as a Mac Book).

My golden little cutie is home of lipstick appliances at the moment. I enjoy it every time I put my lipstick and gloss on. Have you BTW read the article in Real Simple how many times you actually can put on lipstick? Apparently, if you put on lipstick three times a day – your lipstick will only last you approx. 3 months.

And now spring is here. And it just might be time to freshen up my Baggu “wardrobe”. These are my favoritesbaggupink baggugoldlarge