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Youth Art Exhibition in Sri Lanka.

Today I went to an art exhibition in Colombo, Sri Lanka. As it turned out it was an exhibition by art students whom have had the topic unemployment, alcoholism, too early marriages, too early pregnancies, crime and drug abuse as their subject for art presentation. As was explained to me by Mr. Prabu Deepan, Team Head of Stitch Movement (Stitch is a movement committed to educate, advocate, empower and network for social change through youth volunteerism and activism in Sri Lanka), in Sri Lanka today there is a huge problem with above mentioned factors. Therefore the teachers at the School of Art chose this topic in order to discuss it, and also to make it more visible to the community. These topics are otherwise things that are only whispered about, not talked openly about.

Alas, here are some of the items that caught my eye:





This one is my favorite. Look at the way the colors are blended, the strokes of the brush, the subtle message: