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A Golden Era.

Let’s do a little gold, shall we?!

A gold plated silver ring with a golden pebble.

These earrings are called Squiggly. It’s cloud spirals on a long chain. Also available with short chain if preferred. Or in silver if that’s your choice of metal. But we are talking gold in this post so gold it is.

I do love a beautiful golden purse. In this case a clutch.

With an orange tassle.

A Paper Mache bowl made from recycled paper.

Did you know that Feng Shui believes the metal color of gold represents wealth and luck in business. Used in interior decorating, golden tone will attract financial success and prosperity. Sounds good to me. I’d better go and get me some golden stuff.

Well, I don’t know what to say. Gold, gold everywhere.

In Dubai anything can happen?

Now we’re getting down to business.

Love these Hungry Bowls.

You can drink gold, eat gold, use it for a facial mask, bathe in gold…

Have golden fingers when typing?

And last but not least; we all know what we should have invested in:

That’s right. Gold.
There just might be a reason why gold always have been considered valuable!