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Sustainable ads.

There is a lot of talk about sustainability lately. Well, maybe not lately – more like soonely. I found this ad for Pivot Boutique in Chicago. It was founded by ….oh, well I just as well just copy/paste the text right in. Read this:

Pivot Boutique, LLC was founded in March 2007 by Jessa Brinkmeyer, and opened as Chicago’s first eco-fashion boutique in September 2007. Pivot quickly became one of the most talked about boutiques in Chicago.  Jessa set out to align fashion and good design with smart living, featuring designers using organic and sustainable materials and processes. Pivot featured lines from more than 50 designers including Lara Miller, Frei Designs, Linda Loudermilk, Loyale, Good Society and She Bible.”

A great idea she had Jessa. But it seems that the boutique closed down. Maybe she was to early (late:ly?) because I think that if she’d done it now (soon:ely) she would still be running Pivot. Or maybe she is, just in another setting. Smart move then, Jessa.

However, I am not to dwell on that/this. What I started out wanting to do was to  show you this ad from Pivot. Love it. Don’t you too? Love the colors, the look, the messages. Nice job!